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Van SANDWYK, Charles (illustrator and author). I Believe [poetry card].

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Van SANDWYK, Charles (illustrator and author). I Believe [poetry card]. North Vancouver; The High Branch Society.

A single folded card on linen-textured hand-made ivory card with 2 full-page coloured illustrations by van Sandwyk alongside his printed calligraphic text decorated in yellow and red, presented with the original illustrated envelope printed in sepia with an all-over design of anthroporphic trees; signed in ink by van Sandwyk; fine.
A verse on the subject of self-worth and fortitude, "Fortress On The Hill", produced as a keepsake card for The High Branch Society, this example is signed in ink by the artist: "…...For I believe in who I am, I'm not a lion, nor a lamb, I am a fortress on the hill, I stand up tall with all my will. My walls are strong and deep and wide, And it's safe and warm inside".