Selling to Us and Valuation

You can use the form below to submit a book to us for consideration. We generally only buy items in fine or very good condition and would advise you not to submit books that are in need of repair, heavily stained or incomplete.

Identifying a book can be a tricky task. Here are some things to keep in mind when submitting something for us to look at, so our staff can answer you as quickly and accurately as possible.


  • To identify a book, we usually need to know the Title of the book, the Author, Publishing House and the Publishing Date. You can often find all this information on the title page near the front of the book.
  • We also need a picture of the binding/covers, where possible. This helps us determine whether the book has been mended/restored, and allows us to assess condition. A simple snapshot from a mobile is usually fine, and we can ask you if we need more.
  • If the book has a signature you think might be important, taking a note or a picture of that too will help us value the book more accurately.


We receive a high volume of enquiries daily and will only reply if we are interested in buying your item or require more information, so if you haven't received a response within 5 days please assume that, regrettably, your offer wasn't for us.
If we are interested in your item, we will ask you to bring it into the shop before we make our final offer. With prior agreement, and by invitation, you are welcome to send items for appraisal, with all shipping charges and insurance costs met by the seller.
Please note - we do not give valuations on the basis of an email, and we do not value books unless we are considering making an offer for them.