Arabia, Egypt, Abyssinia, Red Sea &c

THOMSON, John. Arabia, Egypt, Abyssinia, Red Sea &c.

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THOMSON, John. Arabia, Egypt, Abyssinia, Red Sea &c. [Edinburgh, George Ramsay for John Thomson & London: Baldwin, Cradock,] 1814.

Engraved map with original outline colouring, engaved surface size 45 by 50 cm, wide margins; one vertical fold, in very good condition and printed on high-quality paper, watermark dated 1815, indicating a very early issue.
This is the Arabia map from Thonson's celebrated New General Atlas, which was completed in 1817. The details include caravan routes, notes on products, water resources for the desert traveller and points out what huge areas had not been explored. The Hajj caravan routes to Mecca are well marked, and there are numerous observations relating to sources of water when crossing the Arabian desert. Bahrein, "Koueit" (Kuwait), and "Catura" (Qatar) are all marked, although the coastline of the Persian Gulf is somewhat inaccurate, and peninsula of Qatar itself is lacking.