Arthur Christopher Benson MA. Fasti Etonenses

"Spy" [Sir Leslie Ward]. Arthur Christopher Benson MA. "Fasti Etonenses.".

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"Spy" [Sir Leslie Ward]. Arthur Christopher Benson MA. "Fasti Etonenses."

Original lithograph from the 'Vanity Fair' series, published June 4, 1903. 400 x 270 mm.
Arthur Christopher Benson (24 April 1862 – 17 June 1925) was an English essayist, poet, author and academic and the 28th Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge. He is noted for writing the words of the song "Land of Hope and Glory".
From 1885 to 1903 he taught at Eton, returning to Cambridge in 1904 as a Fellow of Magdalene College to lecture in English Literature. He became president of the college in 1912 and Master of Magdalene in December 1915, a post he held until his death in 1925. From 1906, he was a governor of Gresham's School.