The Protest Box
The Protest Box

PARR, Martin. The Protest Box.

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PARR, Martin. The Protest Box. Göttingen, Steidl, 2011.

Five books in a box (200 x 280 mm) with a booklet, including essays by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, and English translations of all texts from the original books. The box contains the following titles:
Enrique Bostelmann: América: un Viaje a traves de la injustica. (280 x 200 mm). pp.176, tritone, hardcover.
Paolo Gasparini: Para verte major, América Latina. (245 x 222 mm). pp.180 pages, tritone, softcover.
Dirk Alveramnn: Algeria. (108 x 180 mm). pp.224 pages, tritone, hardcover.
Kitai Kazuo: Sanrizuka. (180 x 243 mm). pp.184 pages, tritone, softcover.
Paolo Mattioli and Anna Candiani: Immagini del No. (75 x 98 mm). pp.124, tritone, softcover.
Limited edition of 1,000 boxed sets. Martin Parr’s collection of photobooks is one of the finest to have ever been assembled and THE PROTEST BOX is a box set which brings together five books from that collection as facsimile reprints. Parr has selected diverse books which each deal with the subject of protest in quite different ways. From the documentation of various protest movements to the actual book being a form of protest, all these reprints are gems within the history of photographic publishing. A few are known but many are new, even to the connoisseur of photography books. All these books are virtually impossible to locate, so these reprints will make a substantial contribution to our understanding of this sub-genre of the photobook. The box set is accompanied by a booklet which includes an introduction by Martin Parr, an essay discussing the wider context of these books by Gerry Badger, and English translations of all the texts in the books.