Macedonia, Portraits and Landscapes

JANSSEN, Cuny. Macedonia, Portraits and Landscapes.

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JANSSEN, Cuny. Macedonia, Portraits and Landscapes. Cologne, Schaden, 2004.

4to. (242 x 194 mm.). Photographically illustrated padded covers, without dustjacket, as issued; pp. [32], 42 colour photographs, including 1 gatefold; fine.
Signed in pencil by the photographer to the recto of the first image.
First and only edition. The photographer Cuny Janssen travelled to Macedonia in the wake of the conflict between that country and Albanian rebels over the redrawing of Macedonia's boundaries. Gerry Badger and Martin Parr note in The Photobook: A History Volume II. , "This is a subtle book about the aftermath of conflict. Along with the children's portraits on each facing page Janssen places photographs of the Macedonian landscape, so that the book can be read from either orientation. … Like the portraits the landscapes are neutral in tone, but not cold and distant. Although this is a quiet, thoughtful piece of work, it is shot through with irony. These children, united in seriousness, may - probably will - grow up hating those from a different ethnic background tainted by the prejudices of their parents. The landscapes of rock, field and forest, so lyrical and peaceful today, could be fought over once more tomorrow". [p.87].
An exhibition of these photographs was held at Museum Het Vlakhof, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, between February and May 2005.
PARR, Martin and Gerry BADGER. The Photobook: A History. Vol II. p. 87.