Rev Henry Montague Butler DD. The Master of Trinity

HAY. Rev Henry Montague Butler DD. "The Master of Trinity.".

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HAY. Rev Henry Montague Butler DD. "The Master of Trinity."

Original lithograph from the 'Vanity Fair' series, published May 18, 1889. 395 x 270 mm.
Henry Montagu Butler (called Montagu; 2 July 1833 – 14 January 1918) was an English academic.
He was the son of a previous Headmaster of Harrow School, George Butler and his wife Sarah Maria (née Gray). Educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge, he married Georgina Elliot in 1861. He married his second wife in 1888, a very young Agnata Frances Ramsay who in 1887 attained the highest marks in the Classical Tripos at Cambridge. He had two sons and three daughters by his first wife, and three more sons by his second wife including the historian Sir James Butler. A talented and versatile Latinist, Butler achieved fame as one of the most adept British composers of Latin (and Greek) verse in the 19th and 20th centuries.