Il Trinciante <i>[bound with]<i> Lo Scalco
Il Trinciante <i>[bound with]<i> Lo Scalco

GIEGHER, Mattia. Il Trinciante [bound with] Lo Scalco.

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GIEGHER, Mattia. Il Trinciante [bound with] Lo Scalco. Padua: Martini Stampator Camerale/ Guasparri Crivellari. 1621/1623.

Small oblong quarto. Twentieth century wood-patterned boards; pp. 18, 28 plates illustrating methods of carving meat with manuscript additions, missing folding plate of carving utensils; pp. 47, missing all 3 plates; very good.
First editions. Significant because it contains the first printings of two parts of what became Giegher's Tre Trattati (1629). The third part, on napkin folding, was never printed individually. Il Trinciato deals with the art of carving meat, while Lo Scalco (The Steward) concerns service; the three parts together became one of the most important guides to the serving of meals in the best houses, and the carving illustrations are both fascinating and appealing.
Mattia Giegher (c.1589 - c. 1639, born Matthias Jager in Moosburg, Bavaria) moved to Italy in around 1616 and was so famed for his mastery of the arts of hospitality that he lectured on the subject at the University of Padua. Banqueting was an important facet of European diplomacy and it was of more than domestic importance that the niceties were performed correctly.
Tre Trattati itself is a very rare work, only 17 copies being recorded on Worldcat; it records 2 copies of Lo Scalco, and none of Il Trinciato. Although sadly lacking some plates, this is an item of utmost scarcity.