The Faith of Poetry

CORMAN, Cid. The Faith of Poetry.

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CORMAN, Cid. The Faith of Poetry. Vermont, Longhouse 1989

8vo., Stapled A4 sheets ; pp. [vii]; illustrated; enclosed within an unopened brown manilla envelope (still sealed); fine.
Limited to 200 copies.
Not only is the poet Cid Corman considered a hugely influetial poet and editor, his work also includes a beautiful array of translations of authors as varied as Sappho, Kusano Shimpei and Basho. His 1951 journal and press, Origin, provided a platform for the most influential Beat and Black Mountain Poets including Charles Olson, Gary Snyder and Robert Creeley. Crucially, before the advent of the virtual world, Corman was responsible for singlehandedly orchestrating a global collective of creatives via a traditional postal system. He was stoic in his habits and remembered for his eccentric letter writing, posting his responses within a 24 hour window on blue Japanese aerogrammes of which he would famously utilise every inch of avalibale space. A significant portion of his life body appears in his series 'Of', consisting of 350 page volumnes, and Corman would publish over 150 titles in his lifetime.