John Gould's family of toucans in video

A closer look at John Gould's A Monograph of the Ramphastidæ, or family of toucans, with commentaries from Sotheran's Chris Saunders.  Pictures are simply not enough to convey the magnificence of this book. Perhaps this video is better suited to illustrate just how splendid Gould's work is. The hand-coloured plates by  Chris Mayger are stunning, and faithful to Gould's traditions, and  Shepherd's have handcrafted a beautiful gilt morocco binding with silk endpapers as if for a Victorian collector's prize library. Sotheran's has a long history with John Gould. During his lifetime, we helped him to publish and distribute a number of his works. Upon his death in 1881, we bought his state, which means we have some amazing things locked away, and this project is very close to our hearts. We hope you enjoy it.

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