EXHIBITION: The Bird Woman

Sotheran's Exhibition - Elizabeth Gould

The Bird Woman

Rediscovering Remarkable Women
11th July - 1st August 2019


Sotheran's is proud to present an exhibition celebrating the work of Elizabeth Gould, once best known as the wife of the naturalist John Gould but increasingly recognised as a major bird artist in her own right.

We gather together a selection of her greatest works and look at why they were, at best, attributed to 'J. & E. Gould' and not to Elizabeth by name.

It was Elizabeth who was the more talented artist, and her contribution to a number of John's early works was to interpret his rough sketches and transform them into the fabulous works of art that are so prized today.

Concurrent with this exhibition we will also be displaying works by other women who have had to work in the shadow of men, whether husbands or colleagues, and whose achievements have only been recognised recently. With exhibits for sale across the disciplines of literature, illustration and science, we are presenting a whole range of women who are finally beginning to receive due credit.

Sotheran's Exhibition - Elizabeth Gould

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