EXHIBITION: Frank Dolphin

Sotheran's Exhibition - Frank Dolphin Artist

Lizard Flora - Frank Dolphin

Last night we were very excited to open our latest exhibition of prints by artist Frank Dolphin. It was a brilliant evening, and we hope that many of you are able to visit the print department to view the artwork this month. The exhibition will run until 4th July 2019.


Japanese Portrait in Black - Frank Dolphin

Franks work is hugely influenced by Japan and Japanese woodblock prints which if very clear to see in the works that are displayed and follows on brilliantly from our previous Japanese Beauties exhibition earlier this year.

Lizard (Gold Leaf) - Frank Dolphin

Mark making and gesture are a very important part of Franks print making process. You can see how each piece starts with a figurative image or motif which is then developed and manipulated with certain characteristics emphasised. Frank uses several different methods of print making including solar etching, monotype and screen printing.

Swim for Evermore - Frank Dolphin

The exhibition of Franks Dolphins work will be available to view from 13th June - 4th July 2019, in the print gallery at Sotheran's. 

Sotheran's is located at 2 Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London, W1S 3DP

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