14 Pamphlets of Naval Theatre

VARIOUS. 14 Pamphlets of Naval Theatre.

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VARIOUS. 14 Pamphlets of Naval Theatre. London, [Various], [ca.1804-1840].

A collection of 14 ephemeral plays on a nautical theme, collected loose in in a black cloth slipcase. Reading copies, with some volumes missing outer wrappers as might be expected, and ownership signatures scattered throughout.
An entertaining collection of early 19th century naval dramas, filled with more pirates, guns, deaths and failed romances than you could shake a fish at. Space being limited, the salient points/quotes from each play are listed below::
1) The Mutineer's Wife Seems to involve a lot of running around and calling people "lubbers"
2) Mutiny at the Nore, "Would you blow the head off your own child?"
3) The Pilot, A Nautical Buretta, in which the word 'avast' is used unironically, and a petticoat is blamed for shipwrecks
4) My Poll and my Partner Joe, with a frontispiece subtitled "Well there's a ball of wax for you, my boy" in which some unlucky soul is being shot by a man popping out of a barrel[?]
5) Tom Bowling, a Nautical Drama containing the quote "I don't know a pope from a poop lantern"
6) The Inchcape Bell, a Nautical Burletta, ostensibly based on a myth about a cursed sea rock, and the stolen bell intended to serve as a warning to passing sailors.
7) My Poll and my Partner Joe, a larger format copy than previous.
8) Ben the Boatswain, or 'Sailors' Sweethearts', with a fantastic engraving of a flower girl hurling herself in front of a bullet with a gormless expression.
9) Naval Engagements, a comedy which is substantially less entertaining than the adverts bound in at the end
10) The Wrecker's Daugher a cavalcade of boats, guns, rain and mild (if understandable) hysteria.
11) Tom Bowling, this larger format version with a dramatic engraving showing a pirate power posing.
12) Poor Jack, or, The Wife of a Sailor feat. The Honorable Mr. Flummery.
13) The Sailor's Daughter, a comedy - "I like her because she professes so fixt an aversion to me…that you know is so amusing, so animating before marriage, and so natural after…we cannot fail to be good company."
14) Jacob Faithful, the lighter-boy, retaining the full original endpapers~i~