Tank Angling in India

THOMAS, H.S. Tank Angling in India.

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THOMAS, H.S. Tank Angling in India. Calcutta & Simla: Thacker, Spink & Co. 1927.

8vo. Original green cloth blocked in black; pp. xvi + 120 + [iv, ads.], and 16 other plates, including 13 of local river fishes; very good.
Second edition. First published in 1887. Preface: "Can't you do anything for us Mr. Thomas?, I was asked by one who was tied by his profession to his stool and had no tents or camp kit, or camp servants, or camp knowledge, or official influence to make possible a pilgrimage to the wild haunts of the Mahseer. It is this appeal from exiled brother anglers that has impelled me to try and work out some sort of Indian fishing that would be within their reach. The result is this little volume on Tank Angling in India." This is a beautifully written little book, by the author of The Rod in India, who writes with natural brio, and boundless enthusiasm for his subject.
cf. Elliott - "Field Sports in India", London, 1973, pp. 171-184.