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SNAPS OF THE YANGTZE GORGES. Carbon-copied Typescript.

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SNAPS OF THE YANGTZE GORGES. Carbon-copied Typescript. China, 1920s.

Tall small 8vo. Stitched self-wrappers; pp. [44] of Chinese paper, 39 snapshots (79 x 60 mm), mounted with black paper corners; stitching loose, fraying to paper, a few leaves with traces of humidity, not affecting the photos, one photo removed.
This is a privately produced and photographically illustrated travelogue of the Yangtze. Three men, Whittle, Dykes, Munby and the dog Rascal travelled on the Kia Wo. The author remarks on the Ox Liver Gorge, 'that perhaps the strongest impression made on a Scotsman is a feeling of waste and he is left wondering whether something could not be done with those hundreds of miles of rock. The Chinese cultivate patches of soil that appear to be little bigger than a modern kitchenette' (p. [11]). All snapshots are closely correlated to the text and their location can easily be indentified. The height of one peak is described as having the same height as Ben Nevis, which without doubt indicates that the author was a Scotsman.