Autograph letter signed and typescript poems

SILLITOE, Alan. Autograph letter signed and typescript poems.

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SILLITOE, Alan. Autograph letter signed and typescript poems. April 14 1957.

8vo., one page autograph letter, signed, to Peter Russell, the editor of the literary magazine Nine. Folded, with a chip on the lower edge and sign of an earlier paper clip.
"Dear Sir, Would you kindly read the enclosed poems? I have had poems published previously in Prospect and Outposts, and am shortly to have a booklet published by Howard Sergeant in the "Outposts Publications" series. I normally live in Majorca, and shall be returning there next month. Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible, Yours faithfully Alan Sillitoe"
There are 12 poems enclosed, each typed on an individual sheet with Sillitoe's address at the top and his name typed at the bottom.
Most of these poems are included in The Rats & Other Poems (1960), and there are some variants between the typed and printed versions.
The poems are:
(In The Rats & Other Poems )
Left as one Dead
To Ruth (the typed version with one extra word in the penultimate line)
The Wild Moon (variations in stanzas 3 & 4)
Autumn 2 sheets possibly separate poems (entitled Autumn in Majorca in the printed version with the two poems mixed)
Toni Moreno 1. The Young Man
Toni Moreno IV Enemies of Promise (variations in final stanza)
Toni Moreno V Reconnaissance
Not in The Rats & Other Poems
Mad Man's Image