Three Sonnets.  Original Calligraphic illustrated manuscript

[SHAKESPEARE, William.] WOOD, Dave (Calligrapher). Three Sonnets. Original Calligraphic illustrated manuscript.

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[SHAKESPEARE, William.] WOOD, Dave (Calligrapher). Three Sonnets. Original Calligraphic illustrated manuscript. Pomona Queensland, 2016.

8vo., black boards with painted portrait of a couple pasted to upper board and gold motif on purple paper to lower cover; housed in black slip case embossed and painted with a floral design to upper cover; marbled end papers; 21 concertina pages with sonnets in calligraphic hand on handmade French paper; 3 original artworks protected by handmade paper guards; embossed end papers. A beautiful, fine and original artwork.
The Artist's description reads:
"I have created this one-of-a-kind artist book, in a partial concertina format to celebrate Shakespeare's anniversary. It is a trilogy of three Sonnets, using the stylised illustrations to depict human relationships. The images are painted in gouache with an overlay of liquid glass to create a translucent visual impact. This effect is most apparent with Sonnet 73 as my intent was to ensure the illustration focussed inwards to the text on each Sonnet. I have endeavoured with the juxtaposition of each image to the lettering to speak to the eyes in a powerful statement.
Sonnet 29 – the lettering is a free interpretation of the well known Cancellaresca hand, used in Elizabethan times, written in Sumi. A simple leaf decoration of images painted in gouche combined with hand embossing completes the design element.
Sonnet 18 – again written in Sumi, this letterform is a formal representation of Cancellaresca, emphasising the vowels in various colours to suggest Shakespeare's colourful literature. I chose a simple hand embossed texture to complement the calligraphic form.
Sonnet 73 – I have written this letterform in complementary rich colours in gouache to blend with the illustration. The flowing embossed leaf design adds a subtle charm to each page.
I chose an iconic gold background for the front cover, tooling a diaper design which was used in Medaevil manuscripts and Icon paintings of the 14-15th century into the surface.
The illustration in gouache sets the scene of the elegance of each Sonnet. The back of this book has a simple gold diaper design to marry with the impact of the front cover.
Dave Wood FSSI
4 July 2016"