Magic in Mind: Mental Magic Tricks
Magic in Mind: Mental Magic Tricks

SEVERN, Bill. Magic in Mind: Mental Magic Tricks.

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SEVERN, Bill Magic in Mind: Mental Magic Tricks New York, Henry Z Walck, 1974.

8vo. Original black cloth, titled white to spine, with illustrated dust wrapper; pp. vi, 152; very good, a little mottled to corner of upper cover.
First edition. A book of tricks by writer and magician William Irving Severn. As a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), the Society of American Magicians (SAM), and an Associate of The Magic Circle in London, Severn published over 25 books on magic during his lifetime, many of which focused on a single facet of the art.
This book contains a number of illusions designed to present the magician as a telepath, psychic or mind-reader, such as predicting the number of times a coin will land a certain way up, revealing a word chosen at random from a book, and so on.