To Greet My Valentine

[POP-UP VALENTINE]. "To Greet My Valentine".

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[POP-UP VALENTINE]. "To Greet My Valentine" Printed in Germany., [c.1910].

Chromolithograph pop-up card; (13 x 18cm approx.); printed in Germany, with multiple layers, showing a couple at a gate, the boy holding a love letter, with snowdrop and rose layers; verso and exposed card lightly browned, else a nice example of a slightly later, mass-produced Valentine of the Edwardian era, with the original mechanisms intact.
A charming example of a slightly later Edwardian design, and one of the more common cards of this period. Chromolithography was by 1910 well established in Germany, allowing for cheaping printing en masse and leading to slightly less sharp images but ones which could be reproduced quickly and on a grand scale.
The message here reads:
'I'll have no Valentine but you,
Be mine, sweetheart, and I'll be true.'