Shepherd Couple

[POP-UP VALENTINE]. Shepherd Couple.

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[POP-UP VALENTINE]. Shepherd Couple. [c.1890].

Tri-layered chromolithographed card; (10 x 14.5 cm approx.); depicting a shepherd couple in a structure covered with flowers and birds; 'With Best Wishes' printed, together with roses, to the fold-down; some expert repair work to the hinge and props, which over time have split; else a lovely example with high quality lithography.
The angle of the figures is unusual for this period, with the usual front-on pop-up replaced with a 45° angle. This would have been more complex to produce and perhaps explains why the props and hinges have failed, as it has been opened and closed over time. The printer is unknown, but we can by the dress of the figures assume that it was European, almost certainly German.
Poem pasted inside reads:
'To my Valentine'
'When the star of evening shineth
In the purple twilight skies
I recall the gleam responsive
In the starlight of thine eyes.'