Couple with Love-Letter and Snowdrops

[POP-UP VALENTINE]. Couple with Love-Letter and Snowdrops.

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[POP-UP VALENTINE]. Couple with Love-Letter and Snowdrops. Printed in Germany, [c.1910].

Chromolithograph pop-up card printed in Germany; (13 x 17.5cm approx.), with multiple layers, showing a couple, the boy holding a love letter and the girl leaning on a gate, with snowdrop and rose layers; verso and exposed card lightly browned, some very light rubbing; but a nice example of a slightly later, mass-produced Valentine of the Edwardian era, with the original mechanisms intact.
The establishment of the Uniform Penny Post allowed inexpensive and efficient exchange of cards in the mid-19 century. Refinements in print-making technology in England and, in this example, Germany, also contributed. The Edwardian period saw embossing and die-cutting becoming more automated, hence the slightly less sharp images seen in this example.
Bearing the title 'Love's Greetings', the message here reads:
'My heart is all your own,
Yours only, yours alone.'