Lucky Dog

[MOVEABLE]. "Lucky Dog".

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[MOVEABLE]. "Lucky Dog" Printed in Germany, [c.1920].

Two-part moveable Valentine (11 x 15.5cm approx.); showing anthropomorphic dog dressed in trousers, waistcoat, jacket and polka-dot bow tie; 'Feb 14' printed in heart; split pin allowing arm to be lifted up and down giving the appearance of the eyes moving and tongue wagging; a lovely bright example, the left hand tab allowing the card to be stood upright lacking, the left intact, some very light scratches and left arm slightly creased; a nice example.
Dogs, as popular pets, often featured in Valentine's cards, particularly into the 20th century when the focus was beginning to move away from more 'traditional' features such as cupids and roses, and towards more playful and means of expression. This example is a fun depiction of man's best friend in human dress, possibly intended for a younger recipient.