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[MOVEABLE]. "Happy Puss".

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[MOVEABLE]. "Happy Puss" Made in Germany, [c.1900]

A high-quality German chromolithographed Valentine; (16.5 x 23.5cm approx.); embossed and brightly coloured with a girl patting the head of a cat; with die-cut moveable parts; the girl's eyes and cat's tongue moving side to side as the arm is moved up and down; with 'To my Valentine' printed on the cat's cushion and short verse to lower edge; lower right-hand corner chip neatly repaired; a few light tape residue marks to verso and previous ownership greeting 'Geraldine. Grandma Severy' to the rear flap which allows the card to stand; a beautiful example of an early 20th century moveable card.
Verse to lower edge reads:
'No wonder Kitty seems content
And purrs when she sees you.
If you will be my Valentine
I'm sure that I'd purr too.'
In the latter part of the 19th century, chromolithograph pigments were printed with ground boiled linseed oil, which printers called varnish. A printed chromolithograph, before embossing in the press, could be glazed with colloidal glue, gelatin. gum or alcohol or a turpentine soluble 'varnish'. The dried glaze enabled the paper to stretch during embossing without cracking the printing ink, while saturating the colours and enhancing gloss.
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