A Serenade

[MOVEABLE]. A Serenade.

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[MOVEABLE]. A Serenade. Made in Germany.

Moveable Valentine; (12 x 19cm approx.); showing boy with heart-shaped lute singing to girl in die-cut window adorned with roses; 'Dear Valentine' printed in heart to lower RH corner; verse to lower edge; split-pin allowing boy's torso to move up and down and simultaneously the girl holding heart to lean forwards and backwards; some creasing to the typically fragile areas; specifically the heads of the figures and girl's outstretched arm which has been expertly reinforced; small ink squiggle to verso; a richly coloured early Valentine.
Verse to lower edge reads:
'To my dearest girl I sing
A song of ecstasy
Tender vows of love I bring;
Oh, give your heart to me.'
'Germany' or "Made in Germany" are quite often the only identifying marks on many moveable valentines of this period. No matter where they were originally designed, eventually sold, or which trademark they bore, these cards were printed in German factories. The greatest number of these manufacturers were located in Berlin, although there were also manufacturers in Hamburg, Breslau, Leipzig, Dresden, and Frankfurt.