Neues Mosaic-Spiel; Amusant Mosaique

[MOSAIC GAME]. Neues Mosaic-Spiel; Amusant Mosaique.

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[MOSAIC GAME]. Neues Mosaic-Spiel; Amusant Mosaique. Circa 1825.

An early nineteenth century game, or entertainment, consisting of a small wooden case with pictorially decorated sliding lid containing the sixteen original small square marquetry mosaic pieces fabricated from 2 types of wood and reversible; the case is complete and functional but with substantial soiling, wear, and abrasion to lid, but remarkably complete, with the contents in fine condition.
The rococco cover design features a mother, seated at a dining table, engaged in arranging the mosaic pieces while her son and daughter look on with rapt attention.