Cut out' Door: Wonder if I'd Have any Luck …

[MINIATURE VALENTINE.]. 'Cut out' Door: "Wonder if I'd Have any Luck!".

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[MINIATURE VALENTINE.] 'Cut out' Door: "Wonder if I'd Have any Luck!" [c.1900]

Miniature format Valentine (7.5 x 9cm approx.) with image showing a boy with heart by a die-cut door numbered no. 13 'Valentine' with opening to reveal a clever design of fold-up image showing a girl with love heart and the word 'Faint heart never won fair ladies'; some overall light wear and creasing, with the odd nick and a little spotted to front, still a very nice, well-preserved example, with 'Frederick from Milton' written in pencil to verso.
Printed inside: Series No. 331: - Valentine Cut Outs, 12 designs.
It is intruiging that the designer has chosen the number 13 - usually associated with bad luck - to print on the front of this design. However, the concept of bad luck stemming from 13 is actually a relatively modern phenomena. The earliest written reference is supposedly Henry Sutherland Edwards' 1869 biography of Gioachino Rossini, who died on Friday 13th. With the reference to luck on the front of this example, it may be that the sender was assuming a negative response.