The Qu'ran [Koran

MINIATURE BOOK. The Qu'ran [Koran].

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MINIATURE BOOK. The Qu'ran [Koran]. [Glasgow: David Bryce & Son, 1900].

Miniature (2 x 2.5 x 0.7cm approx); crimson morocco decorated in gilt; the opening title pages decorated with an 'illuminated' printed design; decorative endpapers; some creasing and rubbing, lacking the scarce metal locket and a magnifying glass; else a lovely little copy.
One of a series of miniature books produced by the Glasgow publishers David Bryce & Son at the turn of the century. Many copies were supplied to Indian and other Muslim soldiers fighting for the British in World War I, and they also served as talismans.
"The production of miniature Korans in manuscript has a long tradition, but the printing of them in this [miniature] form had to await the arrival of photolithographic techniques in the late 19th century. Such Korans were published in Delhi in 1892 and Istanbul c. 1899, but the one which seems to have achieved the widest circulation is this Scottish edition." (Hanebutt-Benz, Glass, Roper (eds) Middle Eastern Languages and the Print Revolution: A cross-cultural encounter. A catalogue and companion to the Exhibition at Gutenberg-Museum Mainz,[2002] No. 79, p. 490).