For Lucy Gates

MILLIGAN, Spike. For Lucy Gates.

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MILLIGAN, Spike. For Lucy Gates. Leicester: Toni Savage, 1986.

Single broadsheet, (12.5 x 20.5cm approx.); printed on one side in black and blue ink on blue handmade paper; with Milligan's signature in the watermark; perhaps a touch rubbed, still fine.
Phoenix Broadsheet 300. One of only a handful written by Spike Milligan and of a few printed on handmade blue Sheepstor paper. During a visit to Dartmoor, Spike Milligan had a local craftsman create some handmade paper in the traditional manner, using Spike's signature and a ram as the watermarks. This Sheepstor handmade paper is exclusive to Toni Savage and is used only for Spike's poetry.