Gaia. A new look at life on Earth

LOVELOCK, J.E. Gaia. A new look at life on Earth.

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LOVELOCK, J.E. Gaia. A new look at life on Earth. Oxford: OUP. 1979.

8vo. Original cloth and wrapper; pp. xii + 157, text illustrations; fine.
First edition. Lovelock's book revolutionised ecological thinking by presenting the Earth as a system that amounts almost to a living being, capable of adapting and maintaining life. The being he called Gaia, at the suggestion of his neighbour William Golding . The book challenges environmentalists to question their approach, while emphasising that a healthy Earth is necessary for the health of humanity. The theory is controversial and not universally accepted, but even Lovelock's critics concede that we should "appreciate Lovelock's originality and breadth of vision, and recognize that his audacious concept has helped to stimulate many new ideas about the Earth, and to champion a holistic approach to studying it" (Tyrrell, Toby (2013), On Gaia: A Critical Investigation of the Relationship between Life and Earth, Princeton: Princeton University Press, p. 209.)