Loves (sic) Victory


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[LAYERED AND LACE PAPER VALENTINE]. Loves (sic) Victory. [c.1890]

Multiple layered and lace-paper Valentine (11.5 x 18cm approx.); gilt and blue textured paper with two additional layers; a pink floral layer with motif of a figure astride a bird; and gilt lace paper, both peep-through borders to a 'Forget me not' sticker inside a heart; printed verse and design of cherub with tethered butterflies printed in red; a few nicks to edges; a little damage to lace paper and one sticker; very good.
Verse inside reads:
'Loves Victory'
"I did but look and love awile
'Twas but for half an hour,
Then to resist I had no will,
And now I have no power.
Oh would you pity give my heart
One corner of your breast,
'Twould learn of yours the winning art
And quickly steal the rest."