Sweet Memory

[LACE PAPER VALENTINE]. "Sweet Memory!".

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[LACE PAPER VALENTINE]. "Sweet Memory!" [c.1880].

Layered Valentine (12cm x 16cm approx.) with yellow, green and pink textured paper overlaid with lace paper cutthrough showing a figure in bonnet holding flowers to the centre; two additional pansy motifs to top and bottom of lace paper; corners of card ever-so-slightly chipped and creased; with pen inscription 'To Myrtie Hiyley' to verso, along with previous adhesive and tape residue marks; a very nice example nontheless.
Late Victorian card, featuring verse by an unknown poet alongside a printed scene, possibly replicated from an English watercolourist:
"When Spring reuturns with bud and leaf,
And birds make music far and wide,
The joyous season seems too brief
And passing like the ebbing tide.
I love the springtide sun and light,
I love the flowers and the birds,
But oh, for thy sweet face so bright
And thy melodious loving words!"