Flower card in Lace Paper Envelope

[LACE PAPER VALENTINE]. Flower card in Lace Paper Envelope.

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[LACE PAPER VALENTINE]. Flower card in Lace Paper Envelope. [c.1880]

Single-sided Valentine card with printed floral design and the words 'To my own Valentine'; housed in the original lace paper envelope, (12.5 x 8.5cm approx.) remarkably intact; centrepiece to verso of onlaid bejewled hand holding a posy with the letter 'Think you of me today'; four corner pieces of flowers and cherubs; a little toned in places; upper fold slightly skewed; a remarkable survival.
This Victorian Valentine is likely to have been homemade, with no makers mark and evidence of home cutting and glueing. The Victorians were great hands at collages and decoupage, and while Esther Howland's New England Valentine Company was well established by this time, there were still individuals who preferred the guesture of creating their own. Whoever the recipient of this card was, there is a great deal of care taken here. With the added consideration that lace paper was not easily come by, and certainly expensive at the time, this is a particularly intricate and thoughtful example.