Lucy and the Dark Gods

JEPSON, Edgar. Lucy and the Dark Gods.

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JEPSON, Edgar. Lucy and the Dark Gods. London: Herbert Jenkins Ltd, 1936.

8vo. Original red cloth with illustrated dust wrapper depicting Lucy pointing a gun, a worried looking dog and a large black gem; pp. 312, [8, ads]; a very good copy, dust wrapper faded and worn towards the edges (though scarce in any condition).
First edition.
A wonderfully so-bad-it's-good mystery novel by Jepson, who wrote a great many popular fantasy and romance novels. This novel is the story of Lucy, who (along with her less-talented-in-every-way and rather unpleasant sister Drusilla) gets involved in a conspiracy to steal a legendary gemstone from an estate left to her whilst being hunted by a possessed butler. The dust wrapper shows a rather blasé Lucy pointing a gun at an unseen villain, whilst her dog looks a bit like he'd rather be anywhere else. The rear cover depicts a likely assortment of suspicious-looking men leering out at the reader.
Jepson was a prolific author of his time, though like many writers of popular fiction, he faded into obscurity after his death. Largely a writer of sensational fantasy and mystery, he produced over 70 novels during his lifetime and he maintained a wry humour about his conveyor-belt approach to authorship in his autobiography. In fact, he responded to any such criticisms with the rejoinder that even if he had felt obliged to write only highbrow fiction, he wouldn't have been able to afford to read it anyway, rendering the point rather moot. Lucy and the Dark Gods was published two years before his death and is one of his more fantasy-oriented works, likely influenced by his personal interest in mysticism.
Very few copies survived with their dust wrappers intact, making this copy an unlikely (but fun) survival.