Fairy Love Boat [original watercolour …
Fairy Love Boat [original watercolour …

HECHLE, Hilda (artist). "Fairy Love Boat" [original watercolour].

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HECHLE, Hilda (artist). "Fairy Love Boat" [original watercolour]. 1910.

A truly exquisite, and atmospheric, fairy watercolour painting on artist's board, signed H. Hechle lower left, image size 250 x 166mm, presented in a fine cream matte, with gilded bevel, in a striking Arts and Crafts-style wide wooden gilded frame carved in relief; the image, painted in twilight hues of blue and green, depicting two beautiful be-winged fairies in a fairy love boat with moth wings as sails held together by a cobweb, drifting on a lake with an elaborate floral foreground and mountainous backdrop; in lovely condition in a handsome frame.
Hilda Hechle (1886-1939) was born and raised in the Peak District of Derbyshire. She became an experienced climber and scrambler and was prominent in the Ladies Alpine Club. She is known for her successful work as a book illustrator and for two distinct genres of painting, her fantasy work populated by fairies and spirits and her paintings of mountains which she painted on the spot at altitude.