Herr Eduard Strauss. Edward Strauss

E.B.N. (Eardley Norton). Herr Eduard Strauss. "Edward Strauss.".

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E.B.N. (Eardley Norton). Herr Eduard Strauss. "Edward Strauss."

Original lithograph from the 'Vanity Fair' series, published August 29, 1895. 395 x 270 mm.
Eduard "Edi" Strauss (15 March 1835 – 28 December 1916) was an Austrian composer who, together with brothers Johann Strauss II and Josef Strauss made up the Strauss musical dynasty. He was the son of Johann Strauss I and Maria Anna Streim. The family dominated the Viennese light music world for decades, creating many waltzes and polkas for many Austrian nobility as well as dance-music enthusiasts around Europe. He was affectionately known in his family as 'Edi'.