Dentelle et façon du point (lace-making and needle work

DIDEROT, Denis. Dentelle et façon du point (lace-making and needle work)

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Diderot on Lace-making and needle work.

DIDEROT, Denis. Dentelle et façon du point (lace-making and needle work) Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers. Plates vol. 3 Paris (1763)

Folio, 253 x 393mm. 8 pages of descriptive text & 3 loose plates with their accompanying text sheet from the volume of plates. Slight browning to margins, a little spotting otherwise very good.
The 3 plates and descriptive text for the entry of Dentelle from volume III of plates. Plates are numbered 1-3.
5 pages (844-847) from volume IV of the Encyclopédie (1754) including Dentelle en général
1 page (574) from volume XIII of the Encyclopédie (1765) including information on Dentelles que les Hollandois envoient à Cadix pour l'Amerique espagnole
2 pages (381 & 742) from volume XVI of the Encyclopédie (1765) including Toilé d'une dentelle and Espece de dentelle appellée tulle
1 page (753) from volume III of the Supplément à l'Encyclopédie (1777) which includes La maniere de coudre les dentelles

With some browning to a few leaves.

These plates depict the production of eighteenth-century French lace, and the use of spindles on a revolving cylinder. Various different patterns and weaves are also shown. Diderot's entry for Dentelle is also included, as are Puntas de Mosquito and Jaucourt's article on Toilé d'une Dentelle.