Cirier (Wax-chandeler
Cirier (Wax-chandeler

DIDEROT, Denis. Cirier (Wax-chandeler)

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Diderot on Wax Chandelers.

DIDEROT, Denis. Cirier (Wax-chandeler) Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers. Plates vol. 3 Paris (1763)

Folio, 253 x 393mm. 4 pages of descriptive text & 4 loose plates with their accompanying text sheet. Slight browning to margins, a little spotting otherwise very good.
The 4 plates and descriptive text for the entry of Cirier from volume III of plates. Plates are numbered 1-4.
Also with the relevant entries listed under Cire in the Table Analytique et Raisonnée du Dictionnaire des Sciences, Arts et Métiers. Vol I (1780)
1 page (605) from volume IX of the Encyclopédie (1765) including Livres en cire
1 page (634) from volume X of the Encyclopédie (1765) including information on L'espece de cire dont on se sert dans la plantation & la gresse de des arbres
1 page (807) from volume XV of the Encyclopédie (1765) including Tablettes en cire des anciens
1 page (437) from volume II of the Supplément à l'Encyclopédie (1776) which includes Cire dont les habitans de la Caroline font leurs bougies

With some browning to a few leaves.

This series of plates from Diderot's Encyclopédie examines the art of candle-making, and the various tools and moulds used in the workshop. Several articles selected from the text volumes help explain the plates and the art further.