Arquebusier (Arquebuse Making
Arquebusier (Arquebuse Making
Arquebusier (Arquebuse Making

DIDEROT, Denis. Arquebusier (Arquebuse Making)

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Diderot on Arquebuse Making.

DIDEROT, Denis. Arquebusier (Arquebuse Making) Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers. Plates vol. 1 Paris (1762)

Folio, 253 x 393mm. 7 pages of descriptive text & 6 loose plates with their accompanying 2 text sheets. Slight browning to margins, a little spotting otherwise very good.
The 6 plates and descriptive text for the entry of Arquebusier from volume I of plates. Plates are numbered 1-6. There is one double plate entitled Machine à Forer et à Alezer les Conons de Fusil, and a single plate entitled Machine à Canceler les Canons de Fusil. There is also one single plate entitled Dévelopments de la Machine à Canceler. The last three plates are titled Arquebusier. There are some tears along the inside edge of page 3, and slight damage to the bottom edge of plate 1.
Also with the relevant entries listed under Arquebuse in the Table Analytique et Raisonnée du Dictionnaire des Sciences, Arts et Métiers. Vol I (1780)
4 pages (702-705) from volume I of the Encyclopédie (1751) which includes Arquebuse, Arquebuserie and Arquebusier
1 page (598) from volume II of the Encyclopédie (1751) which includes information on Différence entre l'arquebuse à vent & la canne à vent
1 page (833) from volume XI of the Encyclopédie (1765) which includes information on Les rois de l'arquebuse
1 page (470) from volume XII of the Encyclopédie (1765) which includes information on Pétrinal

With some browning to a few leaves.

This series of plates displays clearly the various parts and mechanisms of eighteenth-century pistols and rifles, also showing two views of the workshop and a number of the tools and machines used. The text includes entries by Guillaume Le Blond and D'Alembert.