American Revolving Turret Ships

DAY & SONS [lithographers]. American Revolving Turret Ships.

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DAY & SONS [lithographers]. American Revolving Turret Ships. London, Day and Sons, January 1st, 1864.

Very large (plate size 65 x 112 cm) lithographic plate in outline; wide margins (these a little toned), two vertical folds, very well preserved.
One of the first technical plates depicting the most revolutionary battle ship design of the 19th century, developed during the American Civil War. Built by the engineer John Ericsson for the U.S. Navy, the original vessel of this type was the USS Monitor. 40 technical features were entitled to patents. We were not able to find out from which British, probably Admiralty publication this plate was taken, but it is telling, how quickly after the development of this new ship type the designs were published, most likely only for the use of the Navy.