Conseil de guerre tenu le 16 Juin 1855

CRIMEAN WAR - Conseil de guerre tenu le 16 Juin 1855.

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CRIMEAN WAR - Conseil de guerre tenu le 16 Juin 1855. Original crayon drawing on grey paper, hightened with gouache, of the meeting of Lord Raglan, Ömer Pacha in the centre and General Pelissier studying and debating a military map. 1855.

This original artwork (265 x 210 mm) was mounted at the time with lithographically printed caption on the mount, light spotting to both paper and mount.
This subject is known to have been depicted in an etching, published by Henry Graves & Co in 1857 and as a photo taken by Roger Fenton in 1855 known under the title The Council of War on the Morning of the Taking of the Mamelon. The drawing is closely based on the photo and looks as if it was intended to be used for a lithograph; however, we could not find any trace of a published lithographic print. Ömer Pacha (1806-1871), of Serbian origin, had a meteoric career in the Ottoman military and society after having defected from the Austro-Hungarian army in 1823. In 1855 he led the campaign at Eupatoria in the Crimea, which led to the defeat of 40,000 Russians.