Is this the American Way

[COUNTERCULTURE] Is this the American Way?

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[COUNTERCULTURE] Is this the American Way? Rhode Island School of Design, 1968.

62.9 x 45.1cm. Silkscreen on newsprint. An incredible survival of a rare and fragile piece of activist ephemera.
One of eight posters produced by students at the Rhose Island School of Design to protest the Vietnam war. Supplies were donated to the project by supporters, and the posters were sold for a few dollars apiece for students to paste all over the campus. A full set is kept by the Library of Congress as an example of one of the most iconic moments of young activism in recent American history. Angelina Lippert, chief curator of the Poster House museum in New York City, ranked the posters as amongst the top 11 most powerful protest posters in history.