Working After the Siren
Working After the Siren

CHURCHILL, Sir Winston. Working After the Siren.

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"Carry on after the siren until it is clear that enemy attack is imminent"

CHURCHILL, Sir Winston. Working After the Siren. Issued by the Ministry of Home Security, 10th September 1940.

8vo, single sheet printed in blue on both sides. A near fine copy.
First edition. The front page includes a 16 line "Message from the Prime Minister" with Churchill's signature in facsimile at the end. Churchill warns against the difficulties of maintaining production during air raids. The recommended plans are explained in the following text put together by the TUC, the British Employers' Confederation, the Federation of British Industries and the Association of British Chambers of Commerce.
Churchill finishes his Message, "Together, this plan was drawn up by employers and employed alike. So let us all work together, improving it where we can in the light of experience, till victory comes."
Although printed in a massive run of 2,000,000 copies this is a curiously rare leaflet with only two recorded copies at institutions (LSE and St. Andrews).
The timing of this message came 3 days after the start of the Blitz on 7th September 1940. It also coincided with the first bomb hitting Buckingham Palace.
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