CHI-CHIS. Chi-Chis, Numeros 2,3,4,5 [1951-1952].

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CHI-CHIS Chi-Chis, Numeros 2,3,4,5 [1951-1952] Editions Extentia, Paris, [n.d]

8vo. Original red paper spine over off-white boards, with illustrated dust wrapper depicting a lingerie clad model clutching what appears to be two gigantic hatboxes; a very good copy with some minor edge wear to the dust wrapper, and some creasing to the lower corner of the pages in part 5.
A book of over-the-top erotic modelling, which starts off with some women in frills and quickly descends into a riot of lesbian witches, daring milkmaids, improvised boxing rings, and one page which looks a bit like a pair of legs sticking out of a clockface (making it a rare piece of horological curiosa).
This volume contains 4 editions of Chi-Chis from 1951-1952, bound in a single book.