British Birds with their Nests and Eggs

BUTLER, Arthur Gardiner. British Birds with their Nests and Eggs.

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'a handsome work and a thorough account of the subject'

BUTLER, Arthur Gardiner. British Birds with their Nests and Eggs. Hull and London: Brumby & Clarke, Limited, [1896-1898].

4to (313 x 252mm), 6 volumes. Original green cloth, gilt lettering to fronts and spines; pp. I: [4 ], 208; II: [4], 192; III: [4], 175; IV: [4], 218, [2]; V: [4], 178, [2]; VI: [4], 252; 24 colour-printed lithographic plates of eggs by and after F.W. Frohawk, printed by Brumby and Clarke, 318 monochrome plates after Frohawk, illustrations in the text after Frohawk; occasional minimal foxing, slight rubbing to bindings, very good.
First edition. 'A very good account of the subject, including discussions of numerous casual visitors not fully recognised as British birds' (Zimmer). British Birds was published in parts over a period of two years. The individual volumes are arranged thus, I: Order Passeres (first part); II: Order Passeres (second part); III: Order Picariae, Orders Striges and Accipitres (by Murray A. Mathew) and Order Steganopodes (by Henry O. Forbes); IV: Orders Herodiones and Odontoglossae (by Henry O. Forbes), Order Anseres (by John Cordeaux), and Orders Columbae and Pterocletes (by W.B. Tegetmeier); V: Orders Gallinae, Faulicariae, and Alectorides (by W.B. Tegetmeier) and Order Limicolae (by Henry H. Slater); VI: Order Gaviae (by Henry O. Forbes), Order Pygopodes (by O.V. Aplin), and Order Tubinares (by H.A. MacPherson). The work is notable for the fine colour-printed plates of eggs after Frohawk; as Anker notes, they 'supply for the first time a coloured reproduction of the eggs of the Great Auk' (cf. plate XXIII). The oological text and plates were reissued under the title Birds’ Eggs of the British Isles ... With 24 Coloured Plates (London and New York: 1904).
Anker 88; BM(NH) I, p. 293; Fine Bird Books (1990) p. 85; Mengel 447 ('A handsome work and a thorough account of the subject'); Mullens and Swann p. 111; Nissen, IVB 167; Ripley and Scribner p. 50; Wood p. 274; Zimmer, p. 119.