Rogue Moon

BUDRYS, Algis. Rogue Moon.

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"Earthbound were the only two men who could probe the thing - Al Barker, a suicidal maniac, whose loving mistress was Death, and Dr. Edward Hawks, a scientific murderer, whose greatest mission was rebirth."

BUDRYS, Algis. Rogue Moon. Fawcett Publications Inc., Greenwich Conn, [1960].

Small 8vo. Original pictorial wrappers; pp.176; a near-fine copy of a fragile book.
First edition. Listed in Pringle's Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels, a 1961 Hugo Award nominee and was chosen in 2012 for the SF Masterworks series by publisher Victor Gollancz Ltd.
Death Course. Rogue Moon is centered around a crew of dislikeable scientists transported to an alien planet, who find they must travel through a trap-filled maze laced with deadly deterrents. This is reminiscent of moden sci-fi such as The Maze Runner or The Hunger Games.
Advanced Ancient Acropolis. Rogue Moon is set on the remains of an ancient alien civilisation, which inexplicably left behind the lethal labyrinth.
Alternate Self. Rogue Moon explores the idea of teleportation, and the notion that to do so would be to destroy yourself and create a new, independent copy (effectively killing yourself in the process).