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[BASKERVILLE, John (printer)] Facsimiles of Documents.

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[BASKERVILLE, John (printer)] Facsimiles of Documents. No Publisher. No Date.

5 loose facsimiles of documents relating to John Baskerville. Various sizes, folded. Housed in an envelope address to R.J.L Kingsford.
An intruiging group of facsimile documents. With the documents is a letter from Brooke Crutchley to R.J.L. Kingsford, on Cambridge University Press headed paper dated 1 May 1974. "Dear Billy, I am enclosing five facsimiles of Baskerville items which I have come across in the course of clearing my cupbaords. Can you identify them? My first guess was that they were done for Strauss & Dent but Pip says no. Perhaps they were produced by the Baskerville Club. Have you any ideas?
I have nine sets in all to dispose of and if you would like one please keep it, otherwise I will no doubt be able to find a suitable home. Yours ever Brooke."
Sadly we do not have Kingsford's reply and so cannot know if he was able to shed more light.
The five facsimile documents are:
A petition by John Baskerville to the Lords Justices applying for patent to a new method of grinding metal plate by machine (small tear at fold, slightly spotted)
An autograph letter from John Baskerville to Horace Walpole MP dated 2 November 1762 requesting patronage.
An autograph letter from John Baskerville dated 3 Dec 1766 to "Livy" sending him three copies of Virgil. He adds that he would have added as many copies of Horace "but for my wife's zealous impatience"
An autograph draft of Baskerville's Will dated 1773.
An autograph letter to John Baskerville dated 19th January 1771 from Boulton & Fothergill requesting goods from Baskerville for a customer of theirs. With an anotated note by Baskerville at the end saying that he "makes none of the goods need except Bread Baskets".