ABBOTT, Edwin A. Flatland - A Romance of Many Dimensions.

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“I come,” said he, “to proclaim that there is a land of Three Dimensions.”

ABBOTT, Edwin A. Flatland - A Romance of Many Dimensions. San Francisco: The Arion Press, 1980.

Tall 4to., (36 x 18cm); aluminium binding by Q-Rolo Sheet Metal Products with title impressed in black to both covers. Housed in an aluminium frame with metal clasp. Fifty-six concertina pages printed on T. H. Saunders rag mould-made paper from Inveresk, England. The text pages and illustration units measure 7 x 14" and are joined to a length of 33ft printed on each side, making a 66ft long book. Upper and lower edges black. Univers type, reset by hand by Mackenzie-Harris corp. With fourteen line drawings and ten die-cuts illustrated and hand coloured by Andrew Hoyem with facsimile signature to colophon. Slight scratches and the odd mark to both covers, caused by movement within the metal frame. Pages bright and virtually unmarked.
Number 167 of a limited edition run of only 275 numbered copies, with an introduction [Flatland Revisited], signed by Ray Bradbury. Seventh book printed by the Arion Press, and one of its most popular - and technical - publications.
Edwin Abbott Abbott (1838-1926), was considered to be one of the leading scholars and theologians in Victorian England, and his work is now often described to be on par with Lewis Carroll's fantasy novels, and Jonathan Swift's satirical works. This title has been continuously in print since 1886, but never before in a format such as this. Based in a two dimensional world, it is a tale which is part science fiction and part satire. The narrator, a square, lives in a completely two dimensional society. These 'Flatlanders' consider the idea of a third dimension to be heretical. But the arrival of a sphere plunges the whole society into chaos, and challenges their assumptions about the nature of reality.
An aesthetically unique copy of Abbott's mathematical science-fiction. Very scarce.