A Two-Tone Crepe Paper Heart on A-Frame Stand

[3D VALENTINE]. A Two-Tone Crepe Paper Heart on A-Frame Stand.

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[3D VALENTINE]. A Two-Tone Crepe Paper Heart on A-Frame Stand. [c.1890].

Late Victorian pop-up Valentine; (20 x 18cm approx.); two-tone honeycomb tissue paper heart, with design opening 180° on an A-frame stand secured with ribbon; gilt detail and blue flowers; miniature messages to either side of frame instructing the recipient to 'Accept my Love' and 'Remember me'; possibly previous removal of card or small unknown design below the heart, tissue very marginally spotted in ink to a few sections, with an additional few ink spots to verso; lightly browned with some overall toning and creasing; nonetheless an incredible survival of a highly unusual turn-of-the-century card.
In the mid to late 19th century, Valentine cards grew ever more elaborate and layered, sometimes with fabric fringes, ribbons, silk cords, or tassels. Honeycomb designs began to be added, where they were intended as secret elements that were not revealed until the recipient opened the card. If that was the intention in this example, then the manufacturer certainly succeeded, with dramatic effect.
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