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ALI, Muhammad. Signed Photograph.

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ALI, Muhammad. Signed Photograph. United Artists.

Black and white photograph of Ali, "Muhammad Ali in 'a.k.a. Cassius Clay". The promotional photograph shows Ali in a pin stripe suite sparring.
10 x 8 inches signed "Muhammad Ali 8-13-87"
A.k.a. Cassius Clay is a 1970 boxing documentary film about the former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.
Directed by Jimmy Jacobs, the film was made during Ali's exile from the sport for refusing to be inducted into the US Army on religious grounds. Narrated by Richard Kiley, the film gives an overview of Ali's career to that point. The film features archival footage of people associated with Ali, such as Angelo Dundee, Malcolm X, and Drew Bundini Brown, and clips of his fights with Sonny Liston, Henry Cooper, George Chuvalo and Floyd Patterson.