Original silkscreen print: Ferrarus

[MOTORING] UDERZO, Alberto (artist). Original silkscreen print: "Ferrarus".

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Asterix meets Ferrari

[MOTORING] UDERZO, Alberto (artist). Original silkscreen print: "Ferrarus". 1998.

A silkscreen print using Astérix iconography, image size circa 30 x 39cm, inscribed and signed in ink by Uderzo, being number 135 of only 349 examples; published to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ferrari Club; with an additional presentation inscription by the artist to lower right margin, "à Andrea Zappia, en amical hommage".
The recently deceased French comic book artist Albert Uderzo (1927-2020) is best known as the co-creator, along with his friend René Goscinny, of the Astérix series of books, which chart the adventures of a group of Gaulish warriors fighting the might of the Roman Empire. The series first appeared in comic-strip format in the Franco-Belgian magazine Pilote in October 1959 and spawned a slew of books which were translated into 111 languages, generated 13 films, and even inspired a theme park. Up to this date 370 million copies of Astérix books have been sold the world over, overtaking Hergé's Tintin series in popularity.
Uderzo was known to be a lifelong fan of motor sport and, as an avid Ferrari enthusiast, owned a large number of classic models over the years which he purchased from the French distributor Charles Pozzi SA in Paris, including a red Enzo. He bought his first Ferrari in 1975 and three years later, in 1978, became the President of Club Ferrari, France. His private passion found its way into the books. In La Serpe d'Or (1962) Astérix and Obelix arrive in the town of Suindinium on the day of the famous ox-cart race, which is referred to as "24 Heures de Suindinium", and which is inaugurated with a Le Mans start.